Advanced equipment: Headtorch!

My friend Lindsey, who is a recent back to knitting convert – after many years in the wilderness, told me she used her headtorch for knitting at night on the motororways. I tried it and it is genius. It has made it possible for those long stretches of endless straight road to be pure knitting indulgence. Thanks Linds X

Does anyone have any other canny tips to enable 24/7 knitting? Or can comment as to whether the above means we are now road traffic criminals. (I need to stress that the beam is low and lies directly on the stitches!)


2 thoughts on “Advanced equipment: Headtorch!

  1. Hey Franny, maybe we should mention that we’re not actually driving at the time but, sitting in the passenger seat when engaging in ‘nocturnal knitting’! (NB. be aware of embarrased teenagers in the back seat). xx

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