Did you know?

I love finding out new things and reading around for my hobby, and am always surprised what I come across. Although I’m starting my own knitting business I by no means know everything, not even loads, actually only what I’ve needed to learn. It’s sort of – you don’t know what you don’t know, until you need to know it! I hate that. Know what I mean? So I thought I might look at a few things every now and again and hopefully it will happen less often!!!

Fact No. 1 – …. Yarn manufactures are allowed by law to be within + or – 10% of what is stated on the ball band, these weights can vary from ball to ball within the same style and color of the yarn.

via the knitting buzz: Fun Facts.

– this has baffled me quite often especially when I’ve knitted the same pattern numerous times – creature of habit.

Fact No.2 – The number of Knitting groups increased by 20% during 2005

via UK Hand Knitting Association.  

This is quite a phenomenal statistic, can anyone explain how (if this is accurate) this may have happened because it’s massive – do you think it’s a typo?

Please add some of your own if you have some, happy blogging x


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