Olympic torch comes to Kingsbridge

Not exactly knitting related but equally as important – The Olympic Torch came to Kingsbridge, Devon at approximately 09.48 (official scheduled time)!

I’d intended to go and take Adam and the kids but had resigned myself to the fact that it might not happen, but luckily last nights hen party, cocktails and 9 G+Ts didn’t prevent us from getting down there.

And how lucky were we? We stood right in the spot where the torch-bearer got off the bus. He stood by us looking so hyped and anxious and suddenly I felt very emotional and uncharacteristically patriotic! He remained by us, we heard the instructions he was given by an official about his leg of the run and then we actually saw the flame being passed to our mans torch. We feel very lucky and so glad we made the effort.

The atmosphere was electric and it was so ace to see everyone chatting, out making an effort to be social – really fab. I got chatting to loads of people and even managed to get knitting into quite a few discussions!

Wish I’d tried to get tickets now! Enjoy it if you go x


3 thoughts on “Olympic torch comes to Kingsbridge

  1. Hi Franny, what excellent pictures and write-up – worthy of a newspaper I thought! It has made me want to go and see it when it comes to Derby! Good luck with the kits. FYI I did visit all the places you said sold the kits but could not find them? Was I looking in the wrong places? jossx

    • Hi Joss
      Thanks so much for talking the time to look and comment. Have you tried clicking on the links on my page ‘where to buy’ in the kits section on this site. I’d really appreciate it if you could give it a go and feed back if you still have problems.
      Thanks again
      ps hopefully I’ll be able to see you in person at some point. x x x

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