Not enough wool on the ball -arrrrrrgh !

This post demonstrates exactly what happens when producers ? provide less than the documented weight on the packaging in your ball of wool – which they are allowed to do in law, as mentioned in my previous blog ‘Did you know?’.

I am in the process of designing another product for my range and foolishly forgot to weigh the balls before I started, to make sure I would have pretty much equal quantities which is what I needed.

I’m really pleased with the design but ran out of  ‘duck egg’ halfway through the last blue stripe, and had to start another ball (same dye lot luckily).

This is what was left of the ‘clay’ colour. It weighs 7 grams from a ’50 gram’ ball.

What I can’t say is whether the ‘duck egg’ was underweight or the ‘clay’ was generously overweight, without having the pre-knitted weight.  It may come down to a ‘glass half empty, glass half full’ mentality.

Unfortunately having had a difficult evening with teenagers I am very much feeling glass half empty hence, arrrrrrgh!

The bottom line is I can’t use these lovely wrist warmers for a 2 ball kit, so will tinker with my design a bit and probably sell these in my shop on which I will call ‘camping cosies’ wrist warmers, possibly -or I might keep them because they’re fab.

Moral of this story and note to self – if you think the number of balls you’re using may be ‘cutting it fine’, weigh it first. Also remember that if you have got lighter balls (of wool) you might struggle to get the same dye lot, so it might be prudent to check with your supplier to see if they will hold one back, or buy an extra ball if your supplier will accept a return if unused.

What do you think or have you had a similar experience?


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