Inspired Olympic mystery knitter

I was thinking about how to inspire knitters who are either daunted by big and/or expensive projects or who are not generally into knitting clothes and accessories, and came across this article which may be perfect for inspiration.

The Olympics is just about here but there is still plenty of time to get out scraps of wool and make something which will be very original, a talking point for your friends and family and be a little bit of your own memorabilia.

A small project like this may also get those latent skills going and encouarge you to give other projects a go.

Please take a look and see what you think, the talent is awesome. Any comments gratefully received.

London 2012: mystery knitter leaves Olympics-themed knitted figures on pier – Telegraph#?frame=2161013#?frame=2161013#?frame=2161013.

PS I noticed Beach volley ball is missing! – any takers?


One thought on “Inspired Olympic mystery knitter

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