People Who Knit and Crochet May Be Happier and Healthier

I left my job at the end of last year due to unhappiness the stress and emotional pressure of the job had created for myself and my family. I agonised with the decision for what really felt like years and I certainly didn’t take the decision lightly. The job is enormously valuable but definitely has a shelf life. I was a community palliative care nurse.

I tell you this because I very recently bumped into Lynne, a gorgeous social worker whom I had worked with closely, who immediately commented on how well I looked. She said some really lovely things about missing me and chatted a bit about some of the conflicts she was feeling herself due to challenges in her role.

As I left her I felt very calm, and bizarrely distant from her anxieties which I remember had made me feel properly tormented at times, and in that moment realised that I had made one of my best decisions ever – having a go at making craft my career.

Then I came across this press release whilst mucking about on-line which asked the question…

Have you ever wondered why people who craft yarn into garments always seem to be smiling and happy?

via People Who Knit and Crochet May Be Happier and Healthier.

Then I started to think if the craft itself was influencing my mental state. I definately zone out when I’m knitting and see how this could be very similar to meditation etc.

Obviously stress is helped by a variety of measures, and I know that leaving your job is radical and not a luxury many people can afford or achieve, but anyone can learn to knit and it’s pretty much free. Therefore I now feel it’s my duty to encourage people (at every opportunity) to consider knitting because it is good for their health, after all I am still a nurse – for now!

What do you think?


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