The Contemporary Craft Fair | 15-17 June 2012 | Mill Marsh Park, Bovey Tracey

My friend Di and I happily went to the Contemporary Craft Fair as planned despite the risk of serious weather and I was so glad we did. I haven’t been before so didn’t know what to expect and was stunned by the quality and technique of these very skilled makers.

I found the day inspirational from an entrepreneurial and creative perspective and picked up loads of tips and ideas from some very motivated, generous and at times, quirky people.  See link below for exhibitors, I think it is well worth checking out the exhibitors to see the diversity of craft which is out there.

The Contemporary Craft Fair | 15-17 June 2012 | Mill Marsh Park, Bovey Tracey.

Di who has been a few times before was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more wall art or photography and I would say it felt like a good chunk of this years makers were producing jewellery, although we’re talking really lovely and unusual pieces. I particularly liked Sophie Stamp’s collection

However I was especially interested in anything knitting, which unfortunately was a bit thin on the ground, but  eventually came across Ingrid.

She sells Big Knit Yarn, and I mean BIG, the mug in the picture below gives you an idea. It’s recycled, 100% wool from the weaving industry which she sources from mills in the UK and Europe. She has also commissioned the manufacture of enourmous wooden knitting needles which knit this fantastic wool.

I felt compelled to buy some in my quest to create things for my home which would have a big impact and would be really tactile as well. This would be perfect. I am intending to do a simple garter stitch cushion cover which would be easy peasey for even the most basic knitter – I’m soooo excited.

This yarn that I bought is unbleached and the neutral look I was going for, although Ingrid infoms me that a customer successfully dyed some similar to mine and it came out really well.

Di and I also visited the ‘One Year On’ tent which showcases new talent towards the end of their first year in business. I was surprised to find that some of the makers were still in such early stages of their business that they didn’t have a clear retail outlet for their work. However what they did seem to have was a clear identity and vision of what they wanted to produce. I believe that this, combined with drive, passion and confidence is what will enable them to become successful and it has inspired me.

Such a lovely experience – (sorry you couldn’t be there Joss X)


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