Knitting workshop for very basic knitters with complimentary ‘cosy’ project

I’m running a knitting workshop, in Devon for very basic knitters which I think will be fab. I really feel there’s a need for it because I’ve talked to loads of people and the same theme keeps recurring –

  •  ‘I did learn to knit once but I couldn’t do it now.’
  • ‘ I wish I could knit like you, I can only really knit squares.’
  • ‘The wools now look so lovely, I just wouldn’t know where to begin.’

If you’re interested or think you know someone who would benefit from giving their skills a kick start have a look on my blog info / harbour house site / etsy shop

Adults from any walk of life welcome especially this character – I would love that!

I’ll be using my T cosy kit as a teaching aid and a project to be taken home, completed and enjoyed. I will also be providing distance support to complete the project if required, as part of the package.

Craft is the most excellent hobby which will last you a life time and give you reward, after reward, after reward. Just think about how much time/money we all spend on hobbies and activities we don’t even do, such as unused gym memberships, lightly soiled ‘state of the art’ running shoes in the back of a cupboard, unscuffed surf boards in the garage and guitars that haven’t been played enough to snap a first string.

If you can’t get to my workshop but are interested in learning please don’t think it’s something you can’t do. There will definately be ‘knit and knatter’ groups in your area, library books for reference, excellent reviewed books to buy, on-line aids like youtube and loads of knitting forums.

More than anything, don’t think there’s a stereotypical knitter and that you’re not old enough to be it yet, you will be surprised. Do a search and see what fantastic designs textile students are creating or London Fashion Week designers such as The North Circular and Craig Lawrence have in their ranges- truely inspirational. There is definitely a revival which you can be part of.

Knit on! 


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