The power of knitting – teaching kids a fading art

Following my blog yesterday re: knitting tuition, I’ve decided to revisit an idea I had a while ago, to offer my daughters primary school ‘after school club’ knitting sessions. I’m thinking that September would be a good month to start with a run up to Christmas with a small (very small) project for the children to aim for eg a Christmas tree decoration. Yes I’ve said it and it’s only June.

I found this article which reinforces some of the stuff I’d already mentioned about stress levels etc The power of knitting | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional. – and think I might give it a go.

My daughter who’s 8 has been knitting teddy a scarf for a while and I notice how focused and calm she is when she’s doing it. Tongue sticking out etc. She’s also immensly proud of her ‘own’ work and loves watching it grow. She’s even started talking about her tension and troubleshooting! I would say it clearly helps her self-esteem, concentration, dexterity and creativity and is definitely better than watching the telly which has always been my fall-back option I’m ashamed to say.

She goes to a small village school (approximately 70 pupils) which over the years has been exceptional at integrating craft into all areas of the curriculum, there would be a place for knitting I’m sure.

I’ll look at The Crafts Councils guidelines regarding this but wondered if any of you had any experience setting up this type of club to get me on the right track?


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