‘Knitters cramp’ and pilates

Since February I’ve been knitting like a maniac and have been suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and not something really serious like I’m prone to think. I started Pilates in about April and posted a hopeful blog about the amazing benefits of this exercise regime with specific reference to ‘corn circles’. At the time I wrote the blog I did a search to include a link but became very confused because I kept getting endless images of……….


What an idiot – I went to Pilates last night and did ‘chalk circles’ and now have the excuse to rectify my mistake and report back my findings to date. Pilates stopped for 2 weeks over half term and because I’m very lazy  busy I didn’t do them and was waking up with numb arms and hands again. I’ve been back doing Pilates for 2 weeks again now and the numbness has completely gone. This is purely a subjective observation but for me it seems to make ALL the difference. Please take a look and give it a go if you suffer – anything that stops us needing pain killers and keeps us knitting is good!


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