Having a good knitting day on the back of a rubbish one

Yesterday was pants!

I found it really hard to get motivated; was feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do; I haven’t sold any kits so got no money; loads going on at home with a half-finished extension and teenage kids kicking off; fantastic weather if you love feeling cold and wet – bah humbug!

In addition, does anyone else who’s new to blogging ever feel like their talking to themselves? I never kept a diary so I’m not familiar with this sort of thing and wondered if I was slowly going insane.

Anyway today it’s sunny . My next order of wool from Rowan has arrived. My eldest is doing her last GCSE and the rest are at school – yay (even though I love them dearly). I’m preparing a sample for a magazine and I’m listening to First Aid Kit in session on Lauren’s show on Radio 6. This is all I want, is that too much?

What a difference a day can make, honestly I didn’t think knitting could put me on such a rollercoaster. Anyone who thinks it’s for old ladies is so wrong!

Have a good day


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