Press release for The Knitting Project

I’m sending a big, big                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  to Devon Life and in particular Rachel Roberts, for publishing my press release

For anyone else in my position, keep motivated, focused and don’t be afraid to ask. People like these will always help if they can, you never know and maybe soon it will be 3 steps forward one step back.

Keep the faith x


Wimbledon helps chaotic knitter

Item imageLike very, very many people trying to get going with starting a business, blogging, creating their designs and doing all the other stuff on a daily basis – I was starting to get overwhelmed. Lack of structure meant midnight skyping, 5 am knitting and blogging in the middle of a meal. Not really on, when my kids have to be rugby tackled to the floor to be dephoned pre-meal – gives them an additional reason to ignore my authority.

Thank god for Wimbledon. Get focused and get it done in the morning – watch tennis in the afternoon – easy peasey…………and possibly pay for it all the evening?

It’s only the first day so I live in hope – come on England!

ps found this dolly on ebay – fab and fitting and a bit Sharapovaesque.

Today I will be mostly writing a press release

Help, I need to write a press release for Devon Life which will hopefully get The knitting Project moving.

Having never done one before and desperate to get it right, I did a little search and came across this article in the Guardian. If you need to write one have a look at it. It was the most practicle and straight forward by far. Obviously I’ll know more ie. if it isn’t used! 

Wish me luck

Having a good knitting day on the back of a rubbish one

Yesterday was pants!

I found it really hard to get motivated; was feeling overwhelmed by everything I have to do; I haven’t sold any kits so got no money; loads going on at home with a half-finished extension and teenage kids kicking off; fantastic weather if you love feeling cold and wet – bah humbug!

In addition, does anyone else who’s new to blogging ever feel like their talking to themselves? I never kept a diary so I’m not familiar with this sort of thing and wondered if I was slowly going insane.

Anyway today it’s sunny . My next order of wool from Rowan has arrived. My eldest is doing her last GCSE and the rest are at school – yay (even though I love them dearly). I’m preparing a sample for a magazine and I’m listening to First Aid Kit in session on Lauren’s show on Radio 6. This is all I want, is that too much?

What a difference a day can make, honestly I didn’t think knitting could put me on such a rollercoaster. Anyone who thinks it’s for old ladies is so wrong!

Have a good day

‘Knitters cramp’ and pilates

Since February I’ve been knitting like a maniac and have been suffering from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and not something really serious like I’m prone to think. I started Pilates in about April and posted a hopeful blog about the amazing benefits of this exercise regime with specific reference to ‘corn circles’. At the time I wrote the blog I did a search to include a link but became very confused because I kept getting endless images of……….


What an idiot – I went to Pilates last night and did ‘chalk circles’ and now have the excuse to rectify my mistake and report back my findings to date. Pilates stopped for 2 weeks over half term and because I’m very lazy  busy I didn’t do them and was waking up with numb arms and hands again. I’ve been back doing Pilates for 2 weeks again now and the numbness has completely gone. This is purely a subjective observation but for me it seems to make ALL the difference. Please take a look and give it a go if you suffer – anything that stops us needing pain killers and keeps us knitting is good!

Radio 6 and knitting reference – ace!

Radcliffe and Maconie are banging on about Hoxton Bonnets again (take a look) and have mentioned Treacle Wool shop in Northumberland as providers of said Bonnets. Well done Treacle, your bobbly hats get mentioned with fantastic frequency – can only be a good thing for knitters everywhere.

Take a look at their shop it seems to have everything you would want to get going.


The power of knitting – teaching kids a fading art

Following my blog yesterday re: knitting tuition, I’ve decided to revisit an idea I had a while ago, to offer my daughters primary school ‘after school club’ knitting sessions. I’m thinking that September would be a good month to start with a run up to Christmas with a small (very small) project for the children to aim for eg a Christmas tree decoration. Yes I’ve said it and it’s only June.

I found this article which reinforces some of the stuff I’d already mentioned about stress levels etc The power of knitting | Teacher Network Blog | Guardian Professional. – and think I might give it a go.

My daughter who’s 8 has been knitting teddy a scarf for a while and I notice how focused and calm she is when she’s doing it. Tongue sticking out etc. She’s also immensly proud of her ‘own’ work and loves watching it grow. She’s even started talking about her tension and troubleshooting! I would say it clearly helps her self-esteem, concentration, dexterity and creativity and is definitely better than watching the telly which has always been my fall-back option I’m ashamed to say.

She goes to a small village school (approximately 70 pupils) which over the years has been exceptional at integrating craft into all areas of the curriculum, there would be a place for knitting I’m sure.

I’ll look at The Crafts Councils guidelines regarding this but wondered if any of you had any experience setting up this type of club to get me on the right track?