The Knitting Project comes to Salcombe

Jane and Nigel McCoy have the very lovely Bibi boutiques in Kingsbridge and Salcombe, Devon – which sell a diverse range of amazing clothes and accessories which you can’t find on the high street.

They’ve now opened a home accessories store with cafe in Salcombe which has a chic but relaxing ambiance, perfect for a coffee or two! The environment has a Scandinavian feel with lots of neutral tones and textures created by cashmere, chunky knits, leathers, mirrors, candles and much more, enveloping you in a luxurious tranquility.

Now Bibi have just added my cosy kits to their range which I’ve brought to life in a complementary colour palate – seafarer, clay, scree, carbon and phantom, and can be seen displayed in the shop and cafe.

The kits are suitable for an improving beginner and are very easy to complete. For local knitters there are now many knitting groups in the area (including mine in Malborough) which the lucky receiver could take it along to if they needed support and guidance to complete it. Two presents in one – not only a lovely winter activity but a beautiful home accessory too.

So with Christmas in mind, why not visit the store – I’m convinced you’ll find original beautiful presents for your friends and family. Much, much nicer than going to Plymouth!


Autumn range previewed at the Kingsbridge show

The Kingsbridge show  was last weekend  and was a fantastic day. Thankfully we had near perfect weather conditions which encouraged 6,500 visitors to attend.

Thank you to everyone who visited my stall in the craft tent and gave me such brilliant feedback. I was able to show 2 new hot water bottle cosies – a fair isle pattern and a pair of reindeers both aimed at intermediates. These proved very popular so I’m really excited about launching them. I’ve also just completed a girls wrist warmer and hat set for improving beginners and am now working on a 1 ball, adults wrist warmer kit, which should be finished by mid September.

I’ll post some preview pictures in a few weeks to show my new range for Autumn and I’m aiming for them to be available by mid October – just in time for the lovely season of bonfires, fireworks, tiffin, soup, Autumnwatch and generally getting cosy!

Kingsbridge agricultural show September 1st 2012

Kingsbridge show is nearly here and I’m busy getting myself ready for my first ever stall.

I’ll be in the craft tent, so if you’re around please come and meet me. I’ll be exhibiting my current range and will be also showing samples for my autumn range due out in the next few months. These will include Fair Isle designs. I’d also love to hear what you think of my products and if you have any requests for future kits!

The day should be great and this year there will be extra interest because ITV will be filming for a cookery show,  ‘ Food Glorious Food’ being hosted by Carol Vorderman. Good luck to all those participating.

So plenty of interest for everyone, don’t assume it’s just for farmers! – and fingers crossed that the rain holds off, but if it doesn’t the craft tent will be the place to be.

Rowan Cocoon wool now available from my Etsy store

Take a look at Rowan’s lovely Cocoon wool, which is a blend of 80% merino wool with 20% kid mohair – now available in Scree, Mountain and Bilberry from my Etsy store.

It knits up really quickly on 7mm needles and is tactile and gorgeous to work with.

Rowan also have some fantastic new patterns in a specially prepared book with others interspersed through some of their other magazines for this wool range. I’m sure you will find one to tempt you.


Calling all knitters: Knitting becomes centre stage as an ‘art’ installation and is looking for recruits

I’ve just come across this article and recruitment plea in The Independent 14 July 2012:

‘Observations: Be a work of art. It’s not a stitch-up.’

Please take a look and act fast if you’re at all interested in taking part in an unusual knitting experience. It sounds fab and really puts knitting and crocheting in the limelight.

If you are not to be one of the lucky few knitters taking part in the installation, or prefer to do yours in secret! – you may be interested in visiting to see what it’s all about instead. I won’t get chance unfortunately but would love to hear from anyone who goes.

‘The Russian Art Show: The Best of the Innovatsia Prize’, Calvert 22, London E2 ( 25 Jul to 16 Sept

Update: ‘Pauls Handmade Revolution’ coming to our screens in the Autumn

The makers of Flog It are making a craft related programme called Pauls Handmade Revolution to celebrate amateur designers and makers in craft land (mentioned in my previous blog). Interviews in Birmingham are being held this weekend – and mine was yesterday……

I nearly didn’t go because 1) it would be at least 6 hours driving time, 2) £100 in fuel and 3) they would be filming it! Shouldn’t be a surprise really but for someone like me who feels very awkward in family pics, it was a major issue.

Anyway I had a good talk to myself and decided to go to see what it was all about, and how glad am I that I did. The interviews were held in an open room and we were given approximately 5 minutes to talk about our craft, specific craft items which we had taken, motivation, influences and hopes for how to take our craft forward. There was also an emphasis on how it dovetailed in with making a living from our ‘real job’. This was done in front of the other ‘contestants’ which although daunting, gave an insight into what drives people and what they get from their craft. It also showed me the diversity of ‘craft’ and was eye-opening.

What became evident is that craft not only creates things to be bought and admired. It provides a currency for trading skills and items when finances are short; it’s  an outlet for self-expression in those who struggle relating to others and the world at times; it helps develop our sense of self and rebuilds confidence and self-esteem following a significant loss; and it’s a reason to get up and dressed in the morning when ‘another’ job interview fails. Inspirational, life affirming and probably the best reasons for crafting.

Good luck everyone, and like they said, we did really well to get this far x

Patterns available for lovely cosies

If you’ve liked my kit designs for contemporary cosies, I have now made my patterns available as stand alone products which are available from my on-line shops.

The pattern will talk you through – from equipment needed to aftercare advice which will keep your cosy beautiful. Support is also available to complete your cosy if required.